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Welcome to Grouppeace. I am Jill Dahlquist, the co-creator of Grouppeace, and on this page, you will find out what Grouppeace is all about. Please feel free to browse, scroll down, read my articles and contact me with any additional questions.

Here are some published articles which explore how I, as a lawyer, got into energy healing work

  • "Peacemaking from the inside out" at, archived July 2005
  • " A journey into Grouppeace" at, listed in personal examples of holistic law section.

What's new?

  • Check out intentional online community of lawyers dedicated to life and law as a creative process.
  • In the near future, I will be facilitating a national meditation to address the rising violence in this country. We will hold space for truth-telling, peace, clarity and compassion to permeate our national consciousness. Notices will be posted on this web site soon!

Introduction to the Grouppeace Process

In litigation, marriage, families, business, or any group setting, people are drawn together to heal and to remember various soul lessons. Conflicts can develop and the relationship caused by the conflict can create a group energy or dynamic, which has its own characteristics. This group energy is distinct from the wishes and desires of the individual participants. Further, the group energy continues to affect individuals in their daily lives regardless of whether they or others have physically removed themselves from the group through divorce, employment termination, death, etc.

The Grouppeace Process, facilitated by Jill Dahlquist, utilizes various energy healing techniques to create a group energy in which conflicts can be transcended. Conflicted relationships between spouses, parents/children, business associates, attorneys, litigating parties etc. can be transformed so that the highest and best interests of all the parties in the group can be manifested. The legacy of past conflicts can be healed and people can gain a greater sense of inner peace that can then be reflected into the outside world.

A person working with Jill or any other Grouppeace facilitator does not have to be specially trained or sensitive to energy healing in order to benefit from the Grouppeace Process. Further, members of a group do not have to be physically present or even consciously know about the process for it to work.

The only prerequisite for the Grouppeace Process is that one person involved in a conflicted group
  • be conscious of this process
  • have an open and imaginative mind
  • be willing to see/rece ive/remember the Divine in others
  • be able to pray for the highest and best interests of all concerned

For further information about the Grouppeace Process, other healing modalities offered and how to set up appointment, please see the following:

How a GPP Works
Grouppeace Process Appointments
Other Energy Healing Modalities Offered

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