Peacemaking Meditations and Messages

by Jill Dahlquist

Creating a Sacred Space to Find Peace Within.
A Journey to Ground Zero.

Jill Dahlquist

There was a direct message for the group before we began...and I read pages 200-201 from the Emissary of Light, by James Twyman. A few of the excepts

".... Peace will never come to a world that thinks it has a choice between peace and war.
...Look past the vision of the world which was born from the idea of conflict...
Do not look for peace outside yourself. This is the surest way to never find it. Seek peace where it really is, within you.
...When you seek peace where it is, within, then you find it everywhere, even in the world. When you find peace within, you are able to see the truth. Conflict may still seem to exist, but you now see past it.
By experiencing peace as the only true reality...we project that vision to humanity...
...We do not try to end wars, but to dissolve the untrue ideas that cause war. We see peace even when it is hidden beneath centuries of hate and fear. This is how the Emissaries heal the world."

And so we began. Our group aligned very quickly to the divine. We feel common themes in our do we live with our vulnerabilities in the face of such great violence and suffering? A golden light infuses our bodies and densities over our hearts and heads begin to flake off.

The golden light begins to travel down through our bodies and out our feet, forming a pool of golden liquid. The liquid spreads out and seeps into the earth around us. Various beings stand behind us with their hands on our hearts. Feel the support that is here for you. You are creating sacred space for yourselves and others in this time of great vulnerability. In this sacred space, there is safety, compassion, peace, and truth.

We then travel to ground zero in New York. The impact of this place takes my breath away momentarily. But the golden light again begins to stream out of our feet and into the rubble. This place was becoming sacred ground. There are many, many beings there in concentric circles holding light around the area. People, all over the country, are praying together and their presence is at ground zero regardless of whether they are aware of this.

Some of those who have died then begin to appear to each one of us in the meditation for assistance. We each attract certain people and have many different experiences. Women who have no skin left appear to me. I realize that they are attracted to me, that they are mirroring a certain vibration and theme in my life. I find that I can hold the vision of their intense burn wounds and their true light at the same time. I can hold their hands, tell them that they are beautiful, that their job is done and to go home into the light.

And then George W. Bush appears in front of me...and it startles me. For a moment, I think he must have died...but then understand that I have some "work" to do with him. I am decidedly nonplussed and exasperated at the humor of some of my guides. (For those who know me, I have not been W's biggest fan in the past).

We receive a message that in the near future, ".... There will be many that will irritate us, trigger us, cause fear. Have them come into your sacred space...and chose to receive and remember their sacredness, their true essence. See them as sacred as you allow your self to experience this golden light. They are mirroring something inside of you and as you let go of this, they will look different to you. Allow this process to just unfold.... And feel the support that is there for each of us." Support for us then streams in and we begin to rest. The meditation ends.

Note: And in the days following this meditation I have invited George W. into my sacred space. I hold his hand as he attempts to remember who he truly is. He feels very young. He has had many years of conflict in his father's shadow and now, all of sudden, he is supposed to be the one to provide the answers. He is uncertain. I tell him we might as well find out who we truly are together. Osama Bin Laden appears and the three of us sit in this golden liquid and breathe deeply.

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Healing the Female and Male Within—
Remembering a Healing Mother's Song in Afghanistan

Jill Dahlquist

Before we began, I was again directed to read a passage from the Emissaries of Light, by James Tywman's: pages 152-155. In these pages, the emissaries of light describe how they can exist, do their work and be totally protected in the middle of a war zone.

Other excerpts feature an interchange between one emissary and James Tywman . Emissary: "...People need to take responsibility for themselves...everything they experience is there because they wanted it. Change you mind about the world and the world changes." Twyman: "What about terrible tragedies..? If what you are saying is true, then we choose these things. That doesn't make sense." Emissary: " Of course it doesn't make sense...Your life is built on the idea that everything is beyond your control. And so it seems until you gather in the reins and choose peace. Then everything changes. Then you begin to experience the power of your choices. That's when you understand."

We then start the meditation. A group energy begins to form and golden light streams into our bodies, emanating from above and from our hearts. As this light infuses us, it becomes apparent to me that there is a common fear inside the group energy. I became aware that all the participants in the meditation seem to be women and that we share a fear which is somehow related to our ability to receive (a female quality)...or directly related to something that was done to us because we were female.

As the meditation progresses, the women in the meditation form an energetic circle. In front of each of us, men then appear and an inner circle begins to form--The outer circle being women, the inner circle being men. Some of the men were Islamic and had taken on terrorist missions. Some men were Caucasian and in military dress. Regardless of how they were dressed, however, they were saying the same things..."We are right, they are evil. God is on our side. We have been wronged. They have attacked us. We have no choice but to wage war."

We then receive guidance to see the man in front of us as sacred and to look deeply into the face of that man. In front of me, there was a terrorist who could barely look me in the eyes. There was great grief, underlying all this self-righteousness. I began to see young boys playing in dust, laughing. And then the laughing boys were gone and replaced by a sorrow and a separation.

I could feel some of the women in the meditation group having a hard time staying in the meditation at this point. The outer circle of women was energetically trying to circle in one direction...while the inner circle of men was trying to circle in the other...and the spiraling was catching. It sounded like gears grinding against each other and getting stuck.

But I continue and see that the men had somehow been separated from women, from that part of themselves that was female. This separation was energetic and had a sound. The little boys playing in the dust who were now men had forgotten their mother's song, a soothing lullaby...a healing song, a healing vibration.

And my guides then raised the question....could the women in this meditation feel safe enough to hold these men as sacred and remind them of their mother's song? Could they help the men remember their mother's arms around them? Could they sing a healing song to the men? Could they see their own reflections in this dynamic and sing a healing song to themselves? This was a question, which was not answered in our meditation.

The morning after the meditation, I opened a newspaper and read how the Taliban forbids women from singing in Afghanistan. There is no mother's song, no soothing lullaby, no healing song.

It is not a coincidence that the ongoing war is in Afghanistan. Energetically, our bodies and hearts are longing to be in unity, but we have wounds. Can we see the sacredness of this situation, can we be in truth about our vulnerabilities? Can we look at the self-righteousness and a feeling of being "wronged" within as an energy that separates energy that can get twisted into terrorism and violence? Can we reach across the separation that is within us and see the sacredness underneath, unifying us all? When we can, the outer world will reflect our healing.

Copyright notice: © Copyright 2001–2003 by Jill Dahlquist of All rights reserved. This information may be freely disseminated in its entirety provided that there is no charge for the information and provided that this notice is attached.

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