Projects, Workshops, Guided Meditations, and Channeled Messages

Please scroll down this page to find a schedule and description of ongoing projects, workshops, meditations and a sampling of channeled messages. Please check this page often for updates and changes.

Workshops and Guided Meditations

If you are interested in having Jill facilitate a workshop, lead a guided meditation, or work with an organization(s) to mediate/resolve a dispute please contact her at or call (414) 456-1001. Her services can be provided in person or long-distance, over the phone, in individual or group conference calls.

Meditation Messages

Jill often receives channeled messages when leading guided mediations or workshops. Below is a sampling of the message titles.

The Portland Meditations

Peacemaking Meditations and Messages

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For more information about Jill Dahlquist and her work, see Contact her at or call at 414-456-1001.

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