My husband and I had been stuck in divorce proceedings for twenty months and had been unable to reach an agreement. I wanted to reach a settlement but I also didn't want to resolve the divorce by caving in and sacrificing myself. My husband was not receptive to energy healing processes and had not been honest during any formal attempts at mediation. So I did the Grouppeace Process by myself and profound healings occurred.

During the Grouppeace Process, I was able to get past some of my pain, make contact with my own heart and feel the love that I had felt and still felt for my husband. Our hearts became energetically connected and formed a divine group energy, a group heart. Jill and Johanna (another Grouppeace facilitator) then helped me develop a way to invoke this group energy and I realized more fully what the highest and best for all concerned looked like, sounded like, felt like.

In the very next settlement conference with my husband and our attorneys, I carried the healings of the Grouppeace Process into the proceedings. I asked for and saw the Divine at work in the proceedings and a settlement was reached. I stopped the lawyers from fighting over the same stuff they had been fighting over for months, stopped my husband from verbally abusing me, and created a situation in which the highest and best was manifested. I was free and my husband and I hugged each other and cried when we were through.

Attorney A.P.

I was surprised at how easy the Grouppeace Process was to use. With Jill facilitating the process, healings occurred between conferees and I gained new insight and strategies on how to promote peace in a highly polarized and conflicted criminal defense case. After the process, I was able to have very open communication with the "victim" and the victim's family. Truths were uncovered and an acceptable plea agreement was reached even though the District Attorney had earlier been recalcitrant and the assigned Judge had expressed her prior opinion that she would not accept any plea agreements in this case.


My wife and I did a Grouppeace Process to gain clarity on issues that were affecting our marriage. As we went through the process, each of us received a healing which freed us from certain patterns of behavior which we had inherited from our parents. My wife continued to heal the relationship she had had with her mother and gained more compassion for her mother and herself. I gained a new freedom to take better care of myself and released my inherited role of taking care of everyone else. By sharing in each other's healings, our relationship then deepened with renewed feelings of compassion and understanding. I would use this process anytime I needed more understanding of the journey my wife and I share.

Judge J.S.

The Grouppeace Process was helpful in transforming biases and judgments I had about a certain complainant who repeatedly files complaints with our agency. I energetically saw the Divine in his actions and gained great insight as to why the complainant keeps repeating certain behaviors. I was a more compassionate judge to this complainant in subsequent proceedings and had a greater of respect for the choices he made.

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